Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer Storm

Who knew living in the "country" was so tough? ha! Not really, but I like to make Neil crazy when I say we live in the country.  We have lots of trees and neighbors with big trees and I consider that the country.  The kids and I were all sitting around at the house listening to the storm and watching the wind blow.  The umbrella in the patio table blew over so I called Neil to make sure he was OK.  He was fine and said he'd be home shortly.  Sister kept getting scared of the thunder and would look at me like "what on earth was that!?"  I guess she will be scared of weather like her mama. 

Neil got home and looked at me funny and said "what have y'all been doing in here?"  Well, he had to create a new way to get in our gate because 3 trees were across our driveway!  No idea any of this was happening.  Anyway, we went and looked at all the damage and were thankful that no one was hurt.  We had neighbors with tress on their houses and on their fences.  We decided to walk about the back and another tree in our backyard was uprooted.  It took out the neighbor's fence, shed, and another tree.  Thank god for Homeowner's Insurance!

Our driveway leading into the gate



Backyard uprooted tree


This branch just snapped and took out our neighbor' fence

It only took 6 city workers to stand around while 1 worked.

We had a tree crew over the next day cleaning up the uprooted tree.

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