Sunday, August 16, 2015

Henry's fire-station 4th birthday party

Warning: Picture overload.  Amy took so many great pictures that I just couldn't narrow it down!  And I'm only posting an 1/8th of what she took!  Thanks, Amy!

Last year Erinn bought a fire station birthday party at her daughter's school auction.  I thought that was a fabulous idea so I went to the same fire station to ask for a donation for Bennett's school.  The chief was so nice and he said yes!  When I was doing the paperwork with the station secretary I asked about the value of the party and such and she said they don't charge!  WHAT?  I immediately said "well can I have my son's party here then?"  She said yes! 

It was a great party and the firemen were AWESOME.  They were so sweet, let the kids play on the trucks, squirt hoses, rigged up our piñata, and even had dispatch say Happy Birthday Henry over the intercoms.  What a special day for our 4 year old!

The flames were for the fire party but also the BLAZING HOT weather we've been having.  I couldn't even leave the cake on the table because it was so hot.

so cute!


This piñata!  It required a Dallas trip and a fire hat,

Aunt Becky gave Henry this outfit and a little radio that he LOVES!

So glad we got this family picture before the party began.

Aunt B and SK

Sister loves to say "cheeeeeeese!"

Gammy and her babies

me with the birthday boy

Piñata time!

go Maddie!

Big brother needed a try.

so did Daddy!

Go Jay!

Nana blasted it!

In the end, Beau stabbed it and then Miguel broke it open after all the kids and parents too a whack at it. 

These cuties in their hats!!

Time for firedogs and cake

The kids loved the fire extinguisher candy in the piñata.  Ewwww.

Sarah Kathryn was sooooo good the whole time.  She just played and watched the fun.

Happy birthday, Henry!

Dad had our awesome shirts made.  They had a fire man logo with Henry's 4th birthday, Henry's monogram, and est. 2011, Love!  We were so glad Di came to join us.

We love Carol!  She is always so sweet to come to the parties.

Daniel, SK , and Becky.  They are the best helpers ever.  Couldn't have gotten everything done without these 2.

Water hose time!

Fireman Chris was sooooooo fabulous!

Big brother loved getting to enjoy the special stuff at the party. cute!

After everyone left, the boys got to play IN the ambulance and pretend to drive the firetruck.  Talk about special treatment!  Henry even started the firetruck and turned on the lights.

Bennett was LOVING IT!

What a fun party!  Happy Birthday, Henry!  We love you soooooooooo much and can't believe you are already FOUR years old!

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