Wednesday, May 20, 2015

K-3 Splash Day

Henry had his end of year party the day before school let out.  He was so excited to have a party. It seems that Bennett gets to do everything and he doesn't, but he is getting bigger and gets to have the fun, too!  He wants to be 6 like Bennett so badly so that he can do all he gets to do.  Don't grow up too fast, Henry!

We (the K-3 room-moms) have been planning this party for what seems like 6 months!  We had a water slide, a mom brought a slip n slide, a pool, and a sprinkler.  We even had 1 mom treat the water with bleach.  Nice.  One mom had the sno-cone truck come for their snack. Oh, to be 3!

Henry tried to work the slip n slide... we need to practice.

He had so much fun splashing around.

Dottie and Henry

Big boy!

Emily and I made these cute buckets for end of year gifts.  

This was our Mommy/Henry picture.  He was cold.

Henry loves Dawson!

Big Muscles

Henry, Brynleigh, and Dottie

Pizza party and cookie cake!  What a great way to end K-3!

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