Friday, May 1, 2015

First Field Day

Oh, field day!  One of my favorite days of my elementary mom always took off work to be at field day.  This year was no different...she was at Bennett's too!  Field day is a lot different than what I remember...they have inflatables, face painting, and even field day shirts.  I remember we had concessions, 3 legged race, and relay races.  We had all that, but it was far more sophisticated!

Sweet Fajardo friends

Gammy and Bennett

Jack, Bennett, and Easton
One thing I knew, but had confirmed for me today is that Bennett is competitive!  He was SERIOUS!  My aunt would have loved it!  He was determined and loved every minute of the competitions.  He had a serious look on his face the whole time he raced!

So serious!

During tug-o-war he practically pulled the other 3 kids down.  hmmmmm. He wants to WIN!


Monster walk

jousting with noodles

Potato sack race

Me with my biggest boy!  I am just so proud to be his mom!

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