Saturday, May 2, 2015

Amy and Daniel's Fiesta

We, along with 10 other couples hosted a couples shower fiesta for Amy and Daniel.  Catherine and Bryce's backyard is just gorgeous!  I mean NICE!  They were so sweet to host the event at their home.  The weather was perfect and they received so many special gifts for their married life together!

Loved the tables...especially the long black tablecloths.  The tablecloths made a huge difference in the look.

The future Daniel M. Williams family.

We came up with a "Make your own Vodka Freeze Bar" that was genius!  We had a vodka freeze machine with different additives for your drink.  I love for parties to have an activity.

Becky and me

My hair was looking rough by this point

Fajitas for the senor and senorita

A whole hammock of gifts!

Margaret painted the fabulous sheet.  Here are most of the hosts and hostesses.

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