Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I always feel extra special on Mother's Day.  Neil, the kids, my family, and Neil's family always make sure I have a good day.  Mother's Day 2015 was no different.  I've decided that Sarah Kathryn and I will try to match on Mother's Day every year.  I really hope we can do this!  It is so much fun to match my girl...hope she wants to match until she is 25!  I have a feeling she will think it's dumb by about 9.  I will try!

We had lunch at Trace, came home and cleaned up the yard, and Neil cooked a delicious dinner.  Low key=just what I needed.  

Our Family
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day, Nana!

I've been wanting one of these handwritten fill-in sheets about myself forever. Bennett brought this little gem home to me.  I
am good at "Seegeen" according to Bennett. Yesssssssss!  (Singing)

Henry's teacher made a delicious breakfast for all the mom's for a Mother's Day breakfast.  She had everything decorated so cute and she even gave me a gift certificate to Akin's!  So sweet of her!  She really goes above and beyond!  I loved spending the morning with my sweet Henry.

Here's the placemat I got to use for breakfast at Henry's school.  He drew our family and answered a few questions about me.
My mother's name: Lindsey
She is so..."beautiful"
Her favorite thing to do with me is... "play with me"
The very best things about her is... "she makes dinner"
This is what she does everyday to make me feel special... "she helps my dad out"

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