Monday, January 6, 2014

Date Night!

Since Neil had to work out of town the week before Christmas and for 8 days beginning the day after Christmas, we decided to have special date night.  It was so hard to not have Neil at home for 8 days.  We missed him terribly!  When Neil told me to get a sitter and reservations at The Mabry House I had it all scheduled in about 5 minutes!  He called me the next day to let me know that we would have to move the reservation up due to the Saints playoff game.  Done and done.  Lots of people at the restaurant did the same as us!  

Before dinner, I had a little "me time" so Neil could see the boys.  I had a facial and it was so relaxing!

Here we are at the Mabry House...already booked our Valentine's Day meal!

We really just wanted to go home to watch the game, but didn't feel like it was worth our sitter's time for us to only be gone 2 hours.  We headed to Zocolo and ran into Jenny and her date.  They asked us to join them so we did.  Amy and Daniel met us up there too!  It turned out to be tons of fun!

Todd and Jenny

Neil's duck face and me

Love Birds on their 8 month anniversary!

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