Wednesday, January 16, 2019

This is 37

If my 37th year is anything like my actual birthday-it's gonna be soooo good!  It will hopefully be filled with family and friends and I'll be surrounded by those I love.  

My day started with my people showering me with homemade cards and LOVE!  Neil gave me the coolest gift ever! Custom Christmas ornaments for each year we've been married 2007-2018.  He gave me 2007 and 2018, but let me pick out the rest of the pictures.  I can't wait to get all of them! 

After getting the kids off to school I went and had a fab breakfast with the Fab 5!  First Watch and friends=awesome!

Leighann, me, and Jenn

Candle in Jill's half eaten muffin!? yes!

I went and got my nails done for a special treat before picking up SK.

Grabbed my girl and went for a fab lunch with Dad, Neil, Amy, Catherine and their boys!  Frank's for lunch is my fave!

We saw Morgan at the table next to us and she wanted to hold JM!

Amy took SK to her house and that allowed me to go home for a nap!  This day just gets better and better!

Sister Leone sent me this YSL lipstick!  So much fun!  SK says she loves the details on the tube.

So...Neil came home one day and had a little grin on his face and said "planned your birthday today."  ha!  I love it so much!  He even ordered a cake (Berry Chantilly from Whole Foods) and even had a theme (Mardi Gras)!  He arranged for everyone to come to Pizza Rev and even reserved the private room! I loved it so much!

Look at him! Mr. Festive Favor!

My sweetest niece even came over to celebrate!  And her parents, too!

I love a group photo!

Slicing it up!  

LAC (Lindsey.Amy.Catherine)  You never LAC fun or laughs with this threesome!

Bennett loves this girl so much!

Thanks so much to everyone who celebrated my 37th!  Birthdays just get better and better!

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