Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter Fun

So glad we were able to have our January birthday dinner at El Cabo Verde

January birthday girls!

Beauty Queen was being really quiet in the cart at Target.  I looked up and she had been using my lipstick!

Henry took his Kindergarten test.  We find out 2 months later if he got in to Fairfield.  We bribed him with a trip to Chuck E Cheese if he tired his best.  I am nervous.  It will just make life so much easier if we can be at 2 schools instead of 3!

Henry loved it!

Pops came by to play.


Bennett and Henry were wrestling because that is what they do 24/7. We didn't know anything was wrong until he crawled to our bedroom the next morning.  Things went a little too far and a little bone in his foot was broken.  He was put in a boot for 4 weeks!

Sweet boy.

Thanks for the cute dolly and personalized jammies, Red Truck Designs!

Henry used this scooter as a little wheelchair.

Mudbugs game!

Rocking his boot!

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