Monday, January 16, 2017

Lindsey is 35!

I had such a great birthday this year!  I felt so special, had so many calls/texts/social media messages and had fun!  Neil and I went to 2Johns for dinner.  We celebrated with family at Grub and with friends at Don Juanz....all my favorites!  


See how great this picture is?  It's because it was taken with my new camera that Neil, Janine, and Richard gave me!  How lovely!  Sarah Kathryn kicked my camera on the floor at Henry's Christmas program so it was ruined and I was so sad!

My friend, Merideth owns Sign Gypsies in Ruston and delivered these signs to Amy and Amy set them up!  I was SO SURPRISED to see this when we left the house that morning!  It is so much fun!!!
Henry had his follow-up at the Pediatric Endocrinologist where we learned that he will need a 3 hour IV test for his growth hormone.  AHHHHHH!  And also, all the kids were out of school for MLK day!  Happy birthday, Mommy!
Thanks to Amy for planning my Don Juanz birthday lunch!

Leslie was so sweet to provide Nothing Bundt Cakes for my celebration! It was so sweet! Rebecca picked them up and brought them to the party.

Family pic!  Neil happened to be in town and met us.  He took all the kids to the other patio so we could have a quiet, girly lunch! :)

So cute!!

My childhood friend, Sarah posted these pictures she saved of me!  hahaha!  Love them!

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