Thursday, January 26, 2017

Muffins with Mom

We started a new DADS Club at school this year.  DADS stands for Directing Awesome and Dedicated Students because we never wanted kids without dads to feel left out.  We wanted to reinforce the importance of men on campus and the success has been outstanding!  

Neil stepped up to the plate and organized the entire event with the help of a couple other guys.  He left the house before 6am to get everything ready for all the moms!  They had photo opportunities, entertainment by the Strings department, and even decorations by the art classes.  What a wonderful event!  We had a great turn-out and I was so proud to be there!  Dad came to the house to keep Henry and SK so I could go enjoy one on one time with Bennett.

Love this!

Look at this TOP DAD!

Thanks, Neil and James, for a wonderful morning!

Amy took this one!

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