Saturday, September 10, 2016

LaTech vs South Carolina State

We had so much fun going to the Tech game...I mean Ruston!  We got out to the tailgating area and walked around and saw some folks.  When it was time to go in they turned us away and made everyone head into the TAC.  Due to lightning, the 6pm game didn't begin until 10:15 pm!  Nuts!  We decided to just grab dinner after waiting for 2 hours.  Turned out to be tons of fun!

We saw the Raines crew there, too!  I didn't think they were coming so it was a nice treat for the boys!
This bulldog princess stayed home with Gammy and cheered from Shreveport.  

The boys were most impressed with the Blizzard and ice cream cone walking around.

One cool thing about being shoved in the TAC was the kids got to run around the basketball court for 30 minutes.  Talk about fun!  There were about 100 kids running back and forth.  They found a volleyball and played "basketball." When a kid would make a basket the whole arena would erupt with cheers!  so fun!

The big boys did not want a picture for some reason!

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