Saturday, March 19, 2016

St. Jude Gala

Amy invited me to be on the St. Jude Gala committee in Shreveport this year.  I just loved being a part of raising money for such a great place.  What a wonderful organization to not make people pay for their treatment, travel, food, lodging or anything!  One thing I learned through the process is that they want families to focus on taking care of their children...which is truly a wonderful thing!  It is great to know that the money we raised is being used in such a great way. 

I sort of came in towards the end of the planning phases and only got to attend 2 committee meetings, the patron party, and the gala.  So excited for next year!  I already have a wine donation lined up!

Patron Party

Luckily we knew the photographer!  He was taking candids, but you know I always know where the camera is!


Turned out to be really fun that they LOST Catherine's keys!!!

Amy sold a table for the gala to someone who wasn't able to attend so she invited us to sit with them!  Thanks, Amy!

Joanna, Brandon, Amy, me, Bobby, and Jenny

awwwww yeah.  

Sarah andme.  I hate how I look in this pic, but I love the St. Jude baby in the background.

So glad the Dicharrys were able to come last minute!

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