Monday, March 21, 2016

Picnic Celebratin'

We FINALLY had Bennett's IEP meeting for gateway today!  We've known he qualified for gifted a couple months, but they just got around to the meeting.  We decided that Bennett got to pick dinner to celebrate.  We are so proud of our boy!  He is just so smart!!  

We thought he would choose Toyko or Strawn's because those are his 2 favorite places.  He chose a picnic at the park.  Works for us!  I packed a picnic and we went and played and ate. What a fun, family afternoon celebrating our Bennett!  Too bad he wouldn't get in any pictures!

This sweet thing is always up for pictures like her mama!

Mom, stop!

I can't even handle these sweets

She loves Neil so much!  And she even calls him Neil.

Bennett really just wanted to throw some passes across the park.  

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