Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dallas Shopping Trip

Neil's parents are just so generous.  They are so giving of their time and resources!  They were so sweet to take Rebecca and me to Dallas for a fun Spring shopping trip.

We began our journey on Friday when R and J picked me up in Shreveport.  I joked that I'd be waiting by the interstate for them!!  I was so excited to not have to be responsible for anyone but myself!  We went straight to Knox Henderson for some kitchen store shopping.  We headed to the hotel that was being overrun by a teenage Indian dance competition.  We met Gary for dinner at the fabulous Cafe Pacific.  We had a great time!
The pecan ball dessert was YUM-o!

I guess Gary was date!
Rebecca flew into Dallas as we were finishing up our meal.  She said she felt like a Kardashian flying to Dallas for a shopping trip!  me too!!

Neil sent this sweet pic of my clean babies all snuggled up on the couch!!

We began our day at Dry Bar for blow-outs and Blushington for make-up!

This is the make-up I chose, but I ended up with a dark purple smokey eye.  Something must have gotten lost in translation.

After! Our hair looked good!  Leslie and Amanda met us for lunch and a little shopping.  We even got to see Leslie's new apartment!!  It was super posh as I expected it would be.

Brunch at Origin before we headed to our last stop...Central Market

2 grocery carts full or delicious, organic groceries!!  

Thanks, Nana and Granddad for the best trip ever!!!  Can't wait to go again! :)

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