Friday, February 12, 2016

Spring Fling

Bennett's school fundraiser was a blast this year!  The committee worked so hard and did a great job raising $ for the school!

I was especially thrilled that Amy was presented with flowers for being named teacher of the year.  Way to go, Ames!!!

Bennett ad a blast with his friends

Gammy even came and that makes everyone happy!

So did Pops.  He ended up winning some sweet 265 lessons for a great deal!  He was pumped!

Fleur de lis face painting

I got my hair done by a new girl this day and it is waaaaaaay too dark!  Next time=lighter!

Amy and me celebrating her teacher of the year winnings!

The proud hubby and his teacher of the year. :)

Bennett loves Mr. Hall.  He is the security guard at school and everyone's favorite!

Neil and Henry didn't get to attend because Henry was burning up with fever by the time it was time to head to the event.  Poor baby.  He had puked on the couch, wet his bed, and then pooped all over the bathroom floor.  We couldn't handle anymore of his bodily issues!!!  So glad he feels better!

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