Friday, February 19, 2016

Bennett's First Tennis "Match"

Bennett's school started a tennis team and it is a big ole' cluster.  We had our first "match" was isn't even a math.  It is the parents throwing balls to their kid and watching them maybe hit it.  I was glad Carrie was there to help Bennett since I had Henry on the sidelines.  Way to think, Querbes!  

Bennett loves sports so much, but it is super exhausting going to all the sports!  I kind of like the idea of tennis because once you are in the business world people don't say "let's go play football!"  We shall see where this takes us.  I would rather him play tennis than play on the iPad that's for sure!

Bennett, Tripp, and Owen

Pops came to watch for a minute and brought gatorade!

Nice stance!

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