Tuesday, November 3, 2015

State Fair 2015

Pops likes to take us to the fair every year.  It is always good for people watching and eating things off sticks.  The kids loved the bright lights and rides.  Carolyn brought Reid and he had a great time, too.

Henry and Reid loved walking around together and deciding what ride to ride.

Bennett played along and rode on the kiddie rides with the kids.

Pops rode the spinning bear with the boys.  How cute!

The tiny light next to the ferris wheel is the helicopter that Bennett and Neil rode! They loved it.

I took the little boys in a fun house.  They thought the mirror was so funny!

Bennett won the water gun race.

Machine gun shooting!

Super slide!

This sweet thing loved walking around and looking at everything!  She kept breaking out of her stroller.  She loves to be on the go.

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