Thursday, November 19, 2015

Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving Feast

Henry had his so much fun Harvest Festival today.  He had 8 different stations to rotate to and it was so cool!  Each K4 class was responsible for a station.  Our class was in charge of the Indian corn magnet station.  He got to make homemade butter, copper punching, bead the magnets, make a homemade candle, make a frame with a photo background, make a clay bowl (which accidentally fell in the trash), and paint a tee pee and totem pole!  What a fun morning!

Henry's Indian name was Roaring Lion.  I love it!

beading the Indian corn magnet

My little Roaring Lion

Not to impressed with this candle
Even Gammy game by to the festival!  It's not easy for Gammy to get off work so this was really special that she took the time to come.  Henry and I loved it!

All the boys

So glad Daddy stopped by for a minute

Candle Making

He really liked the copper punching using a hammer and a nail.  Just like a pilgrim!

This was one of his favorite parts..painting!

After Harvest festival we went to meet Bennett for his Thanksgiving feast.  He didn't want to eat the mystery Thanksgiving school food so we brought him Julianne's.  He ate the gigantic burger too!

Bennett chose his name to be Annoying Jaguar.  Why??  Because it's funny, Mom! OK.
These people make me so THANKFUL!

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  1. I have not looked at your blog in ages but your family is still just as cute! Happy Thanksgiving, may it be blessed!


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