Saturday, November 21, 2015


You may know or you may not, but Neil and Jared have a pretty sweet trailer business.  People laugh and people make fun and we LOVE that!  Anyway, our little business took us on a fancy trip to Austin for Mobile Home University! Talk about some great info and some really hilarious CD listening.  We even took a detour to drive through a couple parks.

We were thankful that all the grandparents came together and kept the kids.  Jared and Katie's girls were well taken care of and our babies had Nana, Granddad, and Gammy.  They had some fun grandparent weekends for sure,

A few of my favorite highlights in no particular order were:
  • Jared coming up with our e-book and every time we had a funny one-liner we'd say "Chapter 10: I don't want to be rich, I want to be wealthy" or "Chapter 3: Cash is the language everyone speaks" 
  • Getting our hair done making it to where we didn't have to wash and dry our own hair
  • Uber taking us all over Austin and talking to all the drivers and asking them all the same questions such as: "how long have you been driving for Uber?" Average time=1 month
  • binge watching PBS
  • shopping!
  • food trucks! (Gourdough's was on fleek!)
  • saying "on fleek" and still not knowing why
  • hot tubbing
  • Air BNB conversations with the owner
  • trying to figure out the living situation of the Air BNB owners
  • hearing about all the Trailer Talk at the conference and the one guy who asked 50 questions per day and seeing the tally of said questions
  • lunch on 6th street
  • walking to our neighborhood retail shops
  • going to the original Whole Foods twice in 3 days
  • looking up in a Thesaurus words for mogul, come up with Mobile Home Moguls or Trailer Park Tycoons.
  • Blogging Marathon
  • Basically doing what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it.  It was AMAZING!

I love a blow-out.

sending Neil a little selfie of the blow-out.

Cocktails for lunch? YES, please!!  

We just thought this was cute...we didn't enjoy this food truck.

Gourdough's...Mama's Cake.  It was yellow cake batter filled with chocolate icing.  On fleek!

Josephine House.  

It got really cold!!!  I had to wear Neil's big wind breaker.  It was hot the day before.  Here we are on 6th street,

Neil and then there's Jared from Iowa.  That's what his tag said. He is really from Louisiana.

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