Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Allergies, Cyclic Vomiting, and PT Oh, my!

It's official!  Our days of just normal, healthy kids who never go to the doctor are over.  Sigh.  I am exaggerating, but we need a break from co-pays and RX bills!  I am literally shocked that in the last 2 weeks we have discovered that Bennett is allergic to ants and bad that we have to keep Epipens with us at all times and at school.  Henry had cyclic vomiting syndrome and Sarah Kathryn is still not walking at over 17 months old.  We've had a couple of stressful weeks.

I am most worried about Bennett.  I had no idea that these insect allergies were such a big deal.  

Bennett's hand from 2 ant bites...I just thought he needed a little Benadryl so that's what we did.

The next week he was stung by a wasp and his arm just kept getting bigger and bigger.  We went to Henry's soccer game and saw Sarah who suggested that we look into Epipens.  I couldn't believe it!  So, on our way home from soccer we took a detour to the pediatrician's office and she confirmed that both were allergic reactions.  She gave us prescriptions for a steroid, 4 Epipens, and OTC Benadryl to keep at school.  You have to have a Rx in order to take OTC meds to school.  She said we needed the Epipens because the reactions can get worse and worse.  The next time his airways could be just never know.  Scary.

Sweet B with that huge arm.  It didn't go down for a couple days and it still feels a little tighter than the other arm.

Henry has had 3 different episodes over the last couple months where he just vomits a few times, lies around, and then is better soon after.  I have treated it like a bug each time, keeping him out of school, but no one else ever gets sick.  The last time I took him in and she diagnosed him with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  Is this even a real thing?  Apparently it is.  It is just awful to watch him feel so bad.  The last time he threw up in our bed and I had everything off to wash and he said "why didn't you make your bed today?" Oh, Henry!!!

Missed his first day of school!

Our big girl started PT this week!  She is over 17 months old and is not walking.  We need you to walk, Sarah Kathryn! I feel that if we would have started therapy at 15 months when we went to see about it, she would be walking by now.  Can't live in the past.  So, I think this sweet girl will be walking before we know it!

I think she looks like a little girl in this dress and not a baby! :(

deliberately not locking her knees.  She is my strong-willed girl!

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