Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bulldogs vs. ULL

Fall weather, family,  and football are the recipe for a great day in my opinion.  That is just what we had at the Tech vs. ULL game.  So glad that Amy and Daniel joined us!  I am also excited that Richard and Janine got to have fancy, box seats that we got to use to see the place!  Wow! Tech has really stepped up its game.  

We walked around and tailgated for a couple hours with Amy, Daniel, and the boys.  Nana and Granddad kept Sarah Kathryn so we could enjoy the boys and the fun tailgating.  We stumbled upon a TKE reunion tailgate and about 5 of our neighbors were there.   Amy and I stalked some Sigma Kappa's to get their fancy "Sigma Kappa love the bulldogs" stickers.  It was so fun!

Fun slide

We saw Champ about 10 times.  He is one busy mascot.

Henry loves Daniel. Daniel is such a sport to let Henry ride on his shoulders everywhere!

I love this one!

Nikki painted her cute Tech bow!  I love it!

finally got all of them with Champ.  Sis wasn't loving him.

We borrowed the fancy passes and went to the new, end zone seats.  Free food, cushioned seats, and fun.  I don't think I would want to sit there long because it was a little too quiet! :)

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