Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pumpkin Heads Soccer

Henry is playing his first season of soccer with the YMCA.  I'm so glad that Chris offered to coach.  We have such a fun group of friends!  Our team is really big on team spirit.  One mom offered to make matching bows for the girls, one made a run-through sign, one brought all orange snacks, and one bought pumpkins to hang from the goal so we they would know which goal to use!  We even had a photo shoot at the pumpkin patch after our game yesterday.  I guess we aren't too big on winning games or even putting the ball in our goal...we like to help out the other team by scoring for them! :)  The kids are having fun and that's all that matters, right? 

Soccer practice for these cuties is something else. 

At one point they had their shirts over their heads.

Game 1!

Thanks to Margaret for creating this fabulous run-through sign!

ha!  Broken through!

Henry got out there and played for a little bit the first game.

Lots of tears during game 1.

We always have lots of great fans!

Someone needed a rest from all that playing.

orange snacks

It only took the kids 4 games to get warmed up to play.  It was so much fun!

hugs before kick-off.

Lennon, Henry, Caroline, Coach, Jake, Reid, and William

my sweet pumpkin head!

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