Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Neil is 36!

We did lots of celebrating for Neil and his 36th birthday.  He said this is the first birthday where he has felt old.  I don't see old at all, looking good Neil!  We got up and made his birthday breakfast using candles from Richard's 63rd birthday in November.  :)

The kids made adorable cards for daddy!

Best. Picture. Ever.

Someone loves her daddy!

Birthday dinner was boiled shrimp at the birthday boy's request.  

Henry kept trying to blow out Neil's candles, but it was Bennett's turn because Henry blew out the birthday ones.  Never a dull moment.

Underwear on his head.
 We went to Frank's for an adult dinner courtesy of Richard and Janine.  Janine even had a pink angel food cake made for him like his grandmother used to make.  Fresh whipped cream and strawberries too!  What a special birthday!

Happy 36th birthday, Neil!  

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