Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Madness

March has been a whirlwind for sure.  With baseball practice in full swing we are going 90 to nothing in 10 different directions 24/7.  It is fun and we love it!  We've taken some time for adult fun, too.

The Dicharry's invited us to the 318 Restaurant Week tasting at King Hardware.  Blake (Erin's brother) prepared an amazing tasting menu.  It was a full 4 course meal!  Delish! 

A little something Henry crafted.  The boys are enthralled but this Swiss army knife.  I mean they think it is the coolest thing ever!  Henry basically made a bayonet. I don't know whether to be scared or proud of his creativity.

Our church is so fabulous! The nursery director organized a Mom's Night out!  She had free childcare and paid for part of a cooking class at Bella Nonna's!  What a great treat!

After 4 years, growing out of our car, and having no A/C for 3 months, we bit the bullet and got a new-to-me car.  Expedition.  It is what the young ones call "Murdered out."  It has black rims!  Not pictured because they are embarrassing!  They will be changed out next week when they come in.  We are so excited about it!  It has cargo space and enough room for the kids!

We stalked and I mean stalked the mailman!  We finally found her 2 streets over.  We were waiting to hear if Henry got into magnet school!  YEAH!  HE IS IN!  We are so proud of our smart boy! We will have Bulldog Brothers!

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