Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's 2017

We had some fun for Valentine's Day this year.  We made and decorated heart shaped cookies, had treats set out for Valentine's Day morning, and event got a date in.  I'd been so busy with Festive Favors, I'm shocked I was able to extra things for my kids.  

Bennett had been asking for a heart shaped box of candy.  He was so excited!

Not awake yet.
Sweet little valentine.  I made some heart shaped muffins that we NOT delicious.

DADS club date with Dad at School

Love this! They came home with SO MUCH stuff!  One of them even came home with a festive favor I had made! :)

Mom offered to keep the kids while we went on a date.  We had no plans and weren't expecting it, but when Mom says she wants to keep the kids you speed out of the driveway faster than the speed of light.  We drove around and then settled on Frank's, our favorite.  We split a salad, appetizer and dessert.  This is our 14th Valentine's Day together!

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