Monday, February 13, 2017

Henry is 5 1/2!

Everyone gets to celebrate their birthday at St. Paul's!  Henry's birthday is August 11th and they aren't in school at that time.  Last year his teacher celebrated it in April and poor Henry was confused all the way until August just wishing and hoping he was 5.  This year I decided to stop that confusion by celebrating his half birthday.  Neil thought that this was surely the weirdest thing he had ever heard!  I did it to stop the confusion and it worked!  He knows he is 5 1/2 and not 6!  Yay!

Henry got to be the leader and carry the flag!

I got him donuts for his birthday treat that spelled out HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY HENRY.  These came all the way from Ruston and were such a special treat.  The Boyds brought them to Shreveport for me.  So sweet of them!  Getting all of us and the donuts to the school made me leave the house without the plates and napkins! UGH!  Thanks to Mrs. Gae for coming through for me!

Ready for birthday chapel

One of my friends came by and snapped this one for us!


Henry got to choose the prayer we said before the birthday snack.

SK LOVES a birthday celebration and she felt so big getting to sit next to Henry at his big boy table.

Ms. Rogers gave Henry his 5 1/2 birthday hugs!

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