Sunday, January 10, 2016

Pinewood Derby Car Making

I've been hearing Neil and Richard talk about their Pinewood Derby cars since I met Neil.  I really had no idea what they even were.  Apparently it is a huge deal!  Families have their own designs, they get obsessed, and it gets really serious!  Richard came over to help build Bennett's car.  Henry was able to build one, too, for a sibling round!  What fun!

They drilled out holes in the bottom of the car and sanded it down for an hour.  Next came lead pouring, adding wheels, and painting.  Lots of work!

Neil melted lead on the stove using the same pot he and his dad used to use.  How sweet!

Neil poured it in the holes to make sure no one was burned!

Here's Henry sanding his.
More to come at the Pinewood Derby...

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