Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Little Gymnast

Nana and Granddad gave Sarah Kathryn 2 months of gymnastics for her Christmas gift.  We have so much fun going!  I love that they give "experiences" rather than toys.  It is so nice because we just don't need one more thing at our house!

I felt so clueless about what to wear to gymnastics.  Ashleigh donated all her girls dress up clothes to SK so I was going to let her wear the little leotards tings with skirts. I had to ask Erin is that's what she wears! ha!  No, apparently they just wear leotards with no skirt.

My little sweetie in her leotard just kills me!!


finding her polka dot

We had to lose the bow doing all the forwards rolls.

the bar was not her favorite

She loved the trampoline, but her feet don't even come off the thing when she "jumps!" ha!

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