Saturday, January 17, 2015

Henry's date

We decided that Henry really needed some 2 on 1 time with Neil and me.  He got in trouble at school last week for being silly.  It seems that we are always doing homework with Bennett or feeding Sarah Kathryn and sweet Henry is left playing by himself.  It makes me so sad to type this.  He isn't really alone all the time, but he does know how to entertain himself unlike Bennett and SK.  He loves puzzles and playing with toys so much.

We love this boy!  He is so full of energy, mischief, and love.  He loves to snuggle "wis" us and sneaks in our bed almost every night.  Henry stays up late sometimes and we just talk to him and hold him until he is ready for bed...not often but the times we do it are sweet!

He loved having us all to himself.  We even went to McDonald's to get him a Happy Meal after, but we got in line and he said he wanted a we went to Sonic.  He decided after we ordered that he wanted chicken nuggets instead.  Sorry, Hen!

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