Sunday, September 22, 2019

Magical Unicorns T-ball

Sister said she really wanted to play t-ball!  We have several little sisters all around the same age who have been going out to Little League for years to watch their brothers and now it was their turn!  

Whew!  The Magical Unicorns were tough!  They were fierce!  And they won every game!  I think it'll be our last year to play as SK didn't really feel like it was her thing.  

As always, we were the best dressed team.  Pink jerseys, unicorn socks, and awesome custom unicorn hats.  First step: look good.

Here's our girl up to bat!

SK and Adley Kate

Look at that swing!

So cute!

Unicorn themed snacks for after the game: yes, please!

Lucy and SK

The hottest coach around: Neil!  He owned it!

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