Friday, October 27, 2017

Henry's Pajama Party

The Kindergarten Halloween party is SO MUCH FUN!  It is so cute, too!  These K teachers really go above and beyond.  I can't believe they do all they do.  It really is impressive!  Each party is complete with about 6-7 stations of fun!  This party was all about nocturnal animals, night time, and constellations.  Everyone had to bring a pillow, flashlight, and slippers to wear.  It was such a fun morning!

Cuties in their pajamas!

Everyone signed their name 21 times. Each child took home a pillow case with all of their classmates' signatures on it!

Henry and one of his favorite friends, Vihaan

He loves his Super Mario slippers.

They made constellations using toothpicks and marshmallows at one station.

They made constellations using star stickers, too!

They used their flashlights to search for stars and constellations all over the classroom. 

The whole class and our wonderful teacher!

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