Friday, October 21, 2016

Fun Fall

We've had a pretty low-key fall.  We've had some fun with little things scattered about.
Neil and I had a STAY-cation.  I bought a 2 night stay/steakhouse dinner at an auction so we stayed at the Eldorado one weekend.  It was so nice to not have to worry about the babies because of our fabulous grandparents/aunt who took care of them.  Here we are serving beer for RRBC at Brew.

We were "Booed" and the boys painted these fun skull heads one day.  They were proud.

Bennett had a nature walk with Cub Scouts.  It was cut short due to 2 kids being stung by yellow jackets.  They still had fun.   Bennett kept trying to bring a Swiss army knife on the hike.  NO, you cannot do that.

I got to attend the Principals' Luncheon to honor our fabulous principal, Mrs. Graham.  The theme was Hollywood!

I set up a booth at the Maker's Faire in downtown Shreveport one morning.  Amy and Bennett came with me at 6am.  Let's just say that Makers Faires are not my ideal customers.

Straight As for this sweet thing!

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