Saturday, April 23, 2016

Donut Party

Our girl turned 2!  I can't even believe it!  She has been such a joy these 2 years and I just really can't imagine our lives without her.  So, we had a fun donut birthday party for our Sarah Kathryn!

I wanted something easy for her party.  She loves donuts and we just got a new Dunkin' so that's what we did!  People kept asking if we had to rent out the space...nope!  We just bought the donuts!  I am happy to report that this party was by far the most economical to date! proud?

I felt extra into this party theme because I found myself using lines like: "Neil, DONUT be late to the party!"  #genius

Front of the invitation...and then you opened it up to the details.

Loved it!
A big thanks to Leigh for taking pictures!!!
my sweetie pie
Oh how I love these babies.

Our fab 5!

SK could not believe all her little friends from school came!  Here she is with Elliot!

Of course, Henry blew out her candle!

Oh Donut Even!  Rebecca and Daniel

All the cuties in their pjs

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! I guess Dean felt the same way.

So cute!

Gammy and her girl!

ow precious are these 2?  Neil is wearing the shirt he wore when all 3 were born.  It says "This is what a really cool dad looks like!"

Thanks a HOLE bunch for coming to my party!

SK and Piper just love each other so much!

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